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  • Windows Mini PC Devices Apollo Lake Celeron J3455 windows10 mini pc 4G 64G HD Graphics500 dual band wifi SSD HDD support mini computer

    MA01 Apollo Lake Celeron J3455 windows10 mini pc LPDDR4 4G 64G support M.2 HDD 1000M lan windows 10 mini computer
    CPU:Apollo Lake Celeron J3455





    1. The latest Windows Smart Mini PC with Apollo J3455

    2. Not only mini but powerful, not only the power ful CPU, but also with the Windows 10

    3. W10 also with RAM LPDDR4 4GB and ROM eMMC 64GB, support 2.4G WiFi and 5G wifi connection, and with Bluetooth 4.2.

    4. Comparing with Normal Laptop or desktops, this mini pc have the same functions with the normal windows computerssmall,but is a pocket mini pc, easy to take away.

    5. Comparing with Android Smart TV BOX, this mini pc is more powerful than the normal android tv box, windows OS is easier for use, and have more functions, can used any where, such as business meeting, home theater, office work, etc.